Trying something new: homemade Welsh cakes

We’re a big fan of Welsh cakes in our house but somehow I’ve only made them myself once before.  I think that I used to assume that I needed a fancy flat griddle pan to make them.  Then I realised that it’s possible with a thick bottomed frying pan, even though it’s a little tricky flipping them over in a more confined space.

A great thing about Welsh cakes is that most of the ingredients are already in many people’s kitchen cupboards.  So on Easter Sunday, when Mr U was unwell and made a sickly plea for Welsh cakes, I thought that rather than venture out to the shops to buy some, I’d get crafty in the kitchen. A quick online search led me to a recipe on the Visit Wales website.  Apart from not having any mixed spice (I substituted a small amount of cinnamon and ginger), I had all of the ingredients so was ready to go!

No matter how simple the recipe I’m following is, I tend to make a mess while baking and I’m also really slow at following recipes.  So about an hour later, I emerged from the flour storm in my kitchen proudly holding a plate of hot Welsh cakes.  I had found my vintage polka dot cake plate to serve them on (Another good reason for baking is that I have a chance to use my vintage china collection – read more about that over on my other blog Nancy’s Vintage China).

The smell of the Welsh cakes was enough to stir Mr U from the sofa and I’d barely poured our tea when he’d already devoured the first one.  Needless to say, they didn’t last long on the plate.  Just as well really, I always think that Welsh cakes taste better when eaten as fresh as possible.

I did manage to snap a picture of them before they were eaten, as well as a picture of them in progress, to illustrate the mess! I’m hoping that I don’t leave it too long before making another batch.  Anyone tried any variants on the traditional recipe?  Different fruit, maybe?  Any good gluten-free versions out there?



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